Kinross Wolaroi School

Learning Enrichment

Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services aims to meet the specific learning needs of all students and to provide academic support to students who require assistance in literacy, organisation and study skills.

Gifted and Talented

Kinross Wolaroi School seeks to identify and support Gifted and Talented students and encourage them to fulfil their academic potential. We aim to ensure students are cognitively challenged as well as emotionally engaged and supported. Gifted and Talented students are tracked academically with regular contact and feedback from Student Academic Services, to ensure they are enjoying school, being challenged in their coursework and, most importantly, achieving.

There are many formal programs on offer including:

  • Extension units in English, Mathematics, French, Latin, Music and History
  • Mathematics enrichment and acceleration programs
  • University coursework in Philosophy
  • State and international competitions in a variety of subjects

The academic program also provides the flexibility for individualisation and customisation of subjects and subject delivery for Gifted and Talented students, to ensure a challenging learning environment.

Several members of staff have Gifted and Talented qualifications through the University of NSW COGE (Certificate in Gifted Education) and are actively involved with GERRIC (Gifted Education Research Resource Information Centre, UNSW).

Learning Support

The Learning Support program identifies students with learning difficulties and seeks to enable them to achieve their full potential. Students are supported by dedicated and caring staff through modified learning programs, additional literacy support, organisational assistance, and special exam provisions.

The overall aim of the Student Academic Services is to encourage all students to enjoy the learning process, take pride in their work, set fulfilling goals and make real progress towards those goals.