Kinross Wolaroi School

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

The Regional Engagement Enterprise (TREE) is the recently established agribusiness program at Kinross Wolaroi School (KWS). 

This pioneering enterprise provides contextual, cross-curricular, community-based learning experiences for all students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 at KWS. 

Agriculture has been an integral part of Kinross Wolaroi School’s history as seen in the purchase, development and success of the school farms; the Cow and Calf program; the Shorthorn and Angus Studs; and the Cattle Team to name a few. 

As the Central West’s agricultural enterprises continue to diversify, so too must our approach to providing regional opportunities for all our students. It is paramount that KWS builds upon its successful foundations to continue to provide a dynamic, evolving educational environment that is rich in local flavour.

Regardless of their field of involvement, all students will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their talents and to learn more of the opportunities available to them after school. ‘Future-proofing’ our student body to possess transferable skills is vitally important. The students of today will need to be able to adapt to change, have an entrepreneurial spirit and be excellent communicators if they are to succeed in an ever-changing and developing occupational field. 

TREE focuses on holistically educating the individual through its Co-curricular, Pastoral and Academic Strands. Student-led research and development is the focus of each project, encouraging our student body to develop their love of learning in a local context.