Kinross Wolaroi School

Cadet Unit

As part of the Co-curricular program at Kinross Wolaroi School a variety of outdoor activities takes place on and off the campus. The well-established Cadet Unit of more than 300 students is an important part of the School's program, with an emphasis placed on self-reliance and leadership.

Students normally participate in the Cadet Unit in Years 7 to 9 unless they gain positions in the major music ensembles. After the passing-out parade in Year 9 students can elect to continue Cadet training by completing promotions courses.

Leadership opportunities exist through the Cadet Unit. Each platoon is commanded by a student Cadet Under Officer (CUO), with the assistance of a Platoon Sergeant. Each platoon is divided into sections which are led by a Corporal. Rank and appointment to positions is only attained after a cadet with suitable experience attends and passes the relevant promotions course. Typically a CUO is in Year 11 or Year 12 and has served four years in the Cadet Unit.

Cadet training is delivered through a weekly afternoon session called home training. These are conducted through theory and lessons, demonstrations, practical and field activities. It encompasses topics such as bushcraft, field craft, navigation, survival, search and rescue, watermanship, radio procedures, abseiling, archery, first aid, orienteering, drill and field engineering. Senior cadets also undertake training in catering, first aid and signals.

Each year students attend Annual Camp and Bivouac, with leadership training courses being offered to those seeking promotion. The Annual Camp and Bivouac are held at a school-developed site near Parkes. The School Cadet Unit has earned a strong reputation and many of the initiatives introduced at Kinross Wolaroi School camps have been used as examples of best practice for Cadet Education in

A Cadet band supports ceremonial occasions. Public parades also occur. The Unit joins the Orange Anzac Day parade and also conducts a Farewell Parade for Senior Cadets (Year 12) and Band Members in Term 2.