Kinross Wolaroi School

Christian Focus

Kinross Wolaroi School is a Uniting Church school which supports and nurtures children, while teaching them to do the same for others.

The School’s spiritual character is ‘uniting’. It is inclusive and all-embracing, striving to foster relationships with God in ways of wisdom, life and faith.

Within the School day there are opportunities for students to study, pray, think, reflect and share the realities of God’s presence and to be challenged to live lives that make a difference for good in the world.

Through the Tutor Houses we ensure there are programs in place to develop a sense of social responsibility.

Students develop an attitude of co-operation and selflessness through leadership programs and charity fundraising efforts.

Kinross Wolaroi School Reading
Kinross Wolaroi School Prayer
Kinross Wolaroi School Hymn
Explanation of the Uniting Church Emblem