Kinross Wolaroi School


At Kinross Wolaroi School we provide high quality co-educational opportunities from Pre-school to Year 12 for young people from diverse backgrounds. This enables them to become well-rounded students who make a positive contribution to society. We are a non-selective school catering for students of all abilities.

We are committed to delivering a dynamic teaching and learning environment, through dedicated staff and diverse Co-curricular programs. This encourages students to be socially responsible, spiritually aware and fully engaged in life.

The main theme of the latest Strategic Directions document states that we are focused on building a community of involved and engaged learners, ensuring commitment to individual achievement. We do this by providing a wide range of opportunities that ensure students are involved, engaged and committed to their personal development and education.

With all the opportunities and programs provided at Kinross Wolaroi School, the academic achievement of students is our greatest priority. We are totally committed to providing your child with a high quality academic  learning environment. Your child will have every opportunity to maximise his or her potential in all aspects of academic life.

At Kinross Wolaroi School we have a well-developed curriculum across all year levels and subject areas. This is continually being improved to ensure all students are fully engaged in their learning. We offer extensive support to students with a highly motivated and committed team of enthusiastic, professional teachers.

Our overall focus is to ensure your child will achieve the best academic results within a nurturing environment that values the holistic development of each student. This is designed to foster positive self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, integrity, character and resilience.

We support student experiences across a range of Co-curricular activities and our Academic programs provide proven results.