Kinross Wolaroi School


Eight Boarding Houses cater for pupils aged from 12 to 18. They are Trathen, Weymouth, Wolaroi and Tower Houses for boys, and Stuart Douglas, Loader, Miller and New Houses for girls. We are fortunate to have wonderful grounds and facilities. The Girls' Boarding site is situated four kilometres from the main school site and the Boys' Boarding Houses. The girls are transported by bus to and from school each day. This allows us to cater for the individual needs of different genders and to keep our students safe and secure within a co-educational environment.

We operate under a horizontal House system for our two Year 7 Boarding Houses. Within these Houses there are senior students who are selected for their ability to mentor the younger boarders as they navigate their first year away from home. Our other six Houses accommodate a vertical system from Years 8 to 12. This structure allows us to provide for the needs of the younger students in separate Houses. In turn, this facilitates a feeling of family with students of all ages living together. They become surrogate brothers and sisters during their time at school.