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  • Anzac Biscuits with Year One

    6 April, 2017

    Yesterday morning, 37 enthusiastic Year One students descended on the hospitality kitchen for an Anzac Biscuit baking class with their class teachers, Mrs Seedsman and Mrs Whiteley and Preparatory teacher, Mrs Kate Bracks. 

    The students have been learning about the significance of Anzac Day in class through the touching children’s book, Anzac Biscuits which tells of a family separated by war but united through the powerful simplicity of Anzac biscuits. 

    ‘Rachel is in the kitchen, warm and safe. 
    Her father is in the trenches, cold and afraid.
    When Rachel makes biscuits for her father, she adds the love, warmth and hope that he needs.’ 

    After an action packed half hour spent melting, mixing, stirring and rolling, followed by a story whilst patiently waiting for the biscuits to bake, the students were finally able to sample the delicious results of a poignant yet fun morning in the kitchen with staff, their fabulous helpers and Mrs Bracks.

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