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  • Hospitality and Food Technology - Excursion

    17 May, 2017

    Year 10 and Year 11 Food Technology and Hospitality students consist of many boarders and the comments from the students at the end of the excursion made it obvious that the unique experiences that they were given were enriching and rewarding for all. ‘It’s the BEST excursion I’ve ever been on’ being a common comment! Students toured an artisan bread factory at Botany and had a hands on experience making scrolls and plaits. This was followed by a tour of Paddys Markets, tasting many ‘unusual’ fruits. Next stop, a traditional tea ceremony and then several courses for dinner at a number of restaurants in Chinatown. It was wonderful to see the students embracing the many tastes and flavours that they were exposed to. 

    The highlight of the excursion, after a 5.30am start, was a floor tour of the Fish Markets where the bidding and categorisation was explained. Students were able to see up close every imaginable type of fish from deep sea to crustaceans. Next a cooking demonstration, followed by the students each filleting a fish, preparing a squid, cleaning mussels and segmenting a crab, all of which were cooked in a number of ways culminating in a mouthwatering seafood extravaganza! Please click HERE for more photos.