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  • iSTEM Design for Space Unit

    11 September, 2017

    Year 9 iSTEM students recently began the final unit of the Year 9 iSTEM course – Design for Space – and commenced Scuba Diving training in the Eric Solling Memorial Swimming pool last Friday in preparation for next term’s simulated Space experiment. The Design for Space Unit enables students to bring together all they have learnt in units covered throughout the subject this year.  
    The training, to simulate the microgravity that astronauts experience in space, was provided by qualified dive instructor Aaron Suthers, and forms an important part of the skill requirements necessary for their mission.
    The Space experiment will involve students attaching an experimental box onto the platform of a full size replica of the International Space Station’s (ISS) Express Logistic Carrier (ECL 1). The platform, which has been constructed throughout the course of the year, will be lowered into the pool in an attempt to recreate a Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) where students will be able to perform similar exercises to the Extravehicular Activity (EVA) tasks performed at the real NBL in Houston, Texas. 
    Before embarking on the Scuba Diving training, the students were taught how to check their vital signs with live data collected from bio-metric sensors via coding, including their heart rate and blood pressure. They have also continued their studies in mechanical engineering and basic electrical principals through to complex coding and CAD drawing.  
    The objective of this weeks’ task is that students, in teams of five, fulfill one of the following positions:
    Mechanical Engineer
    Medical Director
    Software Engineer
    Electronics Engineer
    It is believed that Kinross Wolaroi School is facilitating a first in Australia, possibly the world, by completing this unit of work replicating the NBL at the NASA Johnston Space Centre in Houston, Texas and we look forward to the final mission during Term 4!