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  • Year 8 Technology Robotics

    30 March, 2017

    Mr David Lee’s Year 8 Technology class has undertaken a term project based on ‘Control Technologies’. At the beginning of the unit, the students used a program called Scratch to develop a simple game. They then progressed to learning about the Lego EV3 kits. Their major project was to design, construct and program a fire rescue robot. The robots were required to navigate a course to simulate reaching a victim trapped in a burning building. The robots were also required to carry an iPad or iPhone so that the robots’ vision could be projected onto a screen. To add a sense of realism to the final test, a fog machine and LED lighting were used to create the appropriate atmosphere. 

    While not all robots successfully completed the task the class reflected that this was a positive outcome since they were able to identify what went wrong and engage in problem-solving to improve their projects. This often leads to a deeper learning than if the task was completed successfully. The Lego kits were able to be purchased with the fundraising efforts of the P&F in 2016.