Kinross Wolaroi School


Kinross Wolaroi Preparatory School thrives because of the leadership qualities shown by our Year 6 School leaders. This is reflected in all the students in Year 6.

All Year 6 students undergo Peer Support Leadership Training at the end of Year 5 in preparation for their final year of Preparatory School. This training is then used in conducting the Peer Support Program, as well as being role models for our younger students.

The Preparatory School students also elect Prefects and House Captains. These leaders have a number of responsibilities over the year at assemblies, sporting carnivals, and in the general running of the School. They make a commitment to lead through their actions and this provides solid foundations for younger students.

A number of other leadership positions occur within the Preparatory School. Music is pivotal to the educational strength of our School and we have music leaders elected from our Choirs, Band and Strings Group.

In sport, students have the opportunity to captain their teams for their weekend commitments. Roles are determined by their age but they have the responsibility to lead their team and promote their games through the Weekly Bulletin. This creates a real team spirit.

At our weekly assembly each class has the responsibility of co-ordinating and hosting the proceedings. Whether they are in Kindergarten or Year 6, students have the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and lead the assembly, a small but valuable step on the leadership pathway.