Kinross Wolaroi School

Community Spirit

Kinross Wolaroi School is conscious that our students are fortunate to have the opportunities they do, so we work hard to ensure that all students have an awareness of and involvement in both the School community and the wider local, national and international community. Students raise funds for charities and worthy causes: groups such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Jeans for Genes,
the Cancer Council and various groups which target childhood illnesses are given particular emphasis. Senior students form a focus group whose purpose is to work with younger students to organise this ongoing fundraising and also to raise funds for countries when they are hit by natural disasters or emergencies.

Our student population is diverse and we aim to increase and foster this diversity so that the School is inclusive and welcoming to young people from rural and remote areas, larger cities, different ethnic backgrounds and from overseas countries, particularly the Asian region. Indigenous students from western areas are a valued part of our community. All of these aspects of Kinross Wolaroi School contribute to forming young people who  leave school as tolerant, committed and involved citizens.