Kinross Wolaroi School


Students who enter the Senior School in Year 7 face the challenges and excitement of having a variety of teachers instead of one, a new set of subjects to engage with, and a new peer group with whom to bond and form friendships. The range of subjects ensures stimulation and interest, and students quickly become involved in their lessons. iPads are utilised by all Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students, embracing and engaging with the latest technology creating an interactive learning environment in class and at home. Under the guidance of their teachers these students will benefit from all the exciting opportunities associated with truly interactive learning.

The Senior School has an excellent reputation for high academic achievement. We work hard to ensure that all students make their best effort. With dedicated teachers, stimulating lessons and a sound structure for revision and preparation, each student is well set to approach the Higher School Certificate examinations with confidence. Every year the students achieve results that place them well above State averages; for our HSC graduates the median ATAR is about 80. Over 90% of the graduating year goes on to enter a tertiary institution of their choice. These are excellent results for any school, but as a non-selective and very inclusive school, we are especially proud of our students' academic achievements.

Student academic progress is overseen by the Director of Studies and monitored by the Head of Student Academic Services as well as through the Tutor House system. This ensures that each individual student is supported as and when necessary. Physical activity is encouraged, right through to the time of the HSC, so that students remain in optimum health for these important exams. It is this care for and involvement with the whole person that makes Kinross Wolaroi School distinctive.