Kinross Wolaroi School


We firmly believe we have a responsibility to foster leadership in our students. At Kinross Wolaroi School we take this responsibility very seriously and provide structured pathways for students to develop leadership skills. Year 12 students are elected by their peers to lead each Tutor House and Year 11 students organise and run the annual House Spectacular. Our Year 11 students also lead Peer Support groups to help support Year 7 students.
All Year 11 students receive leadership training, and those who show active involvement in their respective focus groups may go on to become Prefects.

All other Co-curricular programs have a leadership component: Cadets, sporting teams, and musical ensembles encourage and foster self­responsibility and the ability to lead others productively and positively.

Boarding Houses provide practical opportunities for leadership. House Seniors help younger students adjust to their new environment, they arrange social and weekend activities, and they support staff in the maintenance of harmony and tolerance within each House. The student Captains of Boarding meet regularly with the Director of Boarding to raise student concerns and to help find solutions to matters which may arise in the Boarding Houses.