Kinross Wolaroi School


Kinross Wolaroi School is a community based on Christian values and teaching. We strive to ensure a secure and happy setting where students and staff are supportive of one another's interests and needs, and where individuals can flourish in whatever areas they choose to be involved. We celebrate diversity and encourage students to be true to themselves and the values of the School and their families.

Staff work together to oversee the ongoing wellbeing of each student. There are formal structures in place to help with this, the most important being the Tutor House system. Each student belongs to a House and has a staff member assigned as Tutor. The Chaplain and School Psychologist are also available for students who require their assistance. Chapel services happen every fortnight for all students, run within Tutor House groups by the Chaplain. Boarders attend church services in town several times per term on a Sunday and individual expressions of faith are encouraged.

In addition to this, there are structures in place for specific Year groups:
The Year 7 Co-ordinator provides extra guidance and support in this critical year of transition from primary school, and a Peer Support program runs for all Year 7 students.

In Year 9, students take part in the Rite Journey program. This program is invaluable in supporting and nurturing boys and girls, in single-sex groups, through the sometimes turbulent period of adolescence.

Year 12 students have a mentor with whom they can meet on a regular basis. This one-on-one connection allows for active and personalised oversight of each student's preparation for the HSC, as well as emotional support during what can be a stressful year. The Year 12 Adviser works in both academic and careers fields, assisting and guiding students through this crucial final year.