The Kinross Wolaroi Foundation was established in 1987 and has contributed to the School's growth by helping with scholarships for students and in providing financial security for the construction of buildings.

Despite the present strength and recent achievements of KWS, the School must continue to develop its facilities and to insure against other factors which may threaten the School's independence. Government funding, economic and enrolment fluctuations and future physical and educational requirements are such examples.

The Kinross Wolaroi Foundation Objectives

The Kinross Wolaroi Foundation acts as Trustee for two Trust Funds which are as follows:

The Education Fund

Only interest earned from gift monies is used. Its objectives are to provide financial assistance for staff development and specialist teachers, scholarships and bursaries, the provision of books and educational equipment, the containment of fees and other educational needs as determined by the School Council.

The Building Fund

Gift capital may be required to be used after a relatively short period. Money held in this Fund must be used for the acquisition of land and buildings, the construction of buildings, and the maintenance of buildings used, or to be used, by the School.

It is quite possible for other Funds to be added to the Foundation structure. Special Funds could be created to support, for example, the Library or the Isolated Children's Scholarship. In carrying out its principal objectives, the Foundation seeks actively to attract membership, particularly from parents, past students, past parents, friends of the School and industry and commerce.

Your help for the future of our great school is needed. For more information phone the Admission team on 02 6392 0300 or email


The Board of Management currently meet bi-monthly with the AGM held in April of each year.