Mission, Vision & Values

Like all schools, Kinross Wolaroi holds its sites in sacred trust across the generations; we strive to serve our students and their families in one or more generations. This privileged responsibility is inspired by Vision, driven by Mission and underpinned by Values.

Mission Statement

As a school of the Uniting Church in Australia, we exist to provide a challenging and holistic education that equips our students to live meaningful lives and make a positive contribution to society.


Our vision is to pursue educational excellence that is focused on the needs of our regional students in a rapidly changing world. We will achieve this by creating a dynamic community implementing innovative practices to develop independent and adaptable learners


The School’s motto of “Knowledge Friendship Integrity” is central to all that we do. Underpinning our Christian beliefs as a Uniting Church School, five core values sustain the School community:


Through strength of character and determination, we have the courage to accept new challenges and explore new paths as we actively embrace and initiate change. We have the courage to stand up for what is right and to demonstrate personal leadership when challenged.


We demonstrate respect for others irrespective of difference and show consideration for ourselves and for one another. We strive to understand the needs and expectations of others and by our actions seek to meet them. We are a community that values and respects effort, achievement and a love of learning.


We recognise that the world is a rich and diverse place. With a collaborative spirit and a daily commitment to compassionate and considerate behaviour, we celebrate diversity in all its forms and commit to creating a school that is safe and welcoming for all.


As a learning community, we acknowledge the challenges we will encounter as we strive to make a purposeful contribution to the world. Skills of self‐management and responsibility and a breadth of knowledge provide the confidence necessary to overcome adversity.


We are committed to making a positive contribution to our school and to others. This requires a spirit of service and a willingness to accept challenges we may not otherwise consider and the persistence to see those challenges through. We take responsibility for our actions, we seek out ways to contribute and we keep our promises.

Inclusivity & Diversity Statement

At Kinross Wolaroi, we believe respect and inclusivity lies at the heart of our vibrant school. We embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of our community, recognising that our differences enrich our collective experience which enables us to thrive.

Kinross Wolaroi proudly sits on Wiradjuri land. A place where we celebrate the rich culture of our First Nations peoples. We are committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment that embraces the wisdom, knowledge, and history of Australia’s First Nations. We aim to empower students to appreciate Indigenous heritage, promoting mutual respect and understanding, as we work towards reconciliation and harmony.

We understand each person brings their own perspectives, strengths, and talents, and we actively promote a culture that appreciates and embraces diversity. Diversity encompasses every aspect of identity including ability, culture, religion, language, gender, academic readiness, and neurodiversity. We
are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels affirmed and supported. This is achieved through open dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect, contributing to a stronger and more compassionate world.


Strategic Plan 2019-2023