Supporting Us

Your help is needed in sustaining our great school into the future.

There are various ways you can donate to Kinross Wolaroi to support the work of our Foundation. Contributions may be be made to our Scholarship fund to support financial bursaries and promote student excellence; to our building fund to develop and maintain our school facilities; to support and develop school sport; and to promote teaching excellence. Our community may also choose to bequest monies, shares, property, or an endowment.
For more information please contact the Business Manager on 02 6392 0300 or email

The Foundation

The Kinross Wolaroi Foundation was established in 1987 and has contributed to the School's growth through significant capital raisings to fund the acquisition the School’s farming properties and the construction of school buildings and by helping with scholarships and bursaries for students.

Despite the present strength and recent achievements of Kinross Wolaroi, the School must continue to develop its facilities and to insure against other factors which may threaten the School's independence. Government funding, economic and enrolment fluctuations and future physical and educational requirements are such examples.

The Kinross Wolaroi School Foundation acts as Trustee for three Trust Funds, which are detailed below.

The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Trust Fund accepts donations that directly support opportunities for students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend Kinross Wolaroi. Students undertake an academic examination and submit a formal application. Donations to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. For more information on the Scholarships offered, please click here.

The Building Fund

The Building Trust Fund accepts donations that are then used for the acquisition of land and buildings, the construction and the maintenance of buildings used, or to be used, by the School. Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

The Education Fund

The objective of the Education Trust Fund is to provide financial assistance to the School in the furtherance of strategic objectives. The Education Trust Fund currently supports an annual award of a Kinross Wolaroi Foundation Teacher Fellowship, which provides an opportunity for a member of the teaching faculty to undertake intensive research and study over a period of one term into an area of strategic importance to the School. The Education Fund also supports staff development, specialist teachers and other educational needs determined by the School Council from time to time.

To receive information about the Foundation or to enquire about how you can be involved, please contact the Business Manager on 02 6392 0310 or email