Technologies Assisting Learning

Student use of digital devices and online services in schools is intended to enhance learning, wellbeing and educational attainment. Digital devices and online services can help students develop the skills needed for digital literacy, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and collaboration.
Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) lists Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of the seven key capabilities students need to be a successful learner. However, it is important to note that the role of technology is to assist and enhance but not to drive the learning at KWS.

Junior School ICT Devices in 2022

Within our Junior School, devices will be provided for students per the below list. All students will also have access to 'Area 51' iPad and laptop resources.

·         Pre-Kinder – 1-to-2 iPads for group work

·         Kindergarten – iPads 1-to-2 devices

·         Years 1 & 2 – iPads 1-to-1 devices

·         Years 3 & 4 – Laptops 1-to-2 devices

·         Years 5 & 6 – Laptops 1-to-1 devices

All devices are leased for use at School and as such will remain at School.

A class set of iPads and a class set of laptops are available for all Junior School students to utilise. Routine maintenance and repairs of iPads and laptops are covered by the Junior School Technology charge.

Senior School 1:1 Devices in 2022

From 2022, there will be a change to the KWS Student Technology Pathway.  Please download the Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOLT) policy by clicking the link below:

BYOLT PolicyFrom 2022, families may choose between buying and supporting their own laptop OR being part of the School’s Supported Laptop Program, which will mean that the ICT team will provide additional technical support for any issues encountered with the device and provide a temporary replacement laptop if your laptop requires service.

The Supported Laptop Program

Parents opting into the supported laptop program will be provided with a laptop which meets all the required specifications and comes fully setup with all software installed ready for learning. Additionally, the school's support desk will facilitate warranty repairs. Please refer to the BYOLT policy for a full list of additional support inclusions. Visit the supported laptop program's ordering page to place an order. Please read the supply update below before doing so.

Important Supply Update - 20 January 2022

Over the Christmas period, we were advised by our supplier of long shipping delays and stock availability issues – an impact of the pandemic. This forced a temporary closure of our online store because delivery would not be in time for the beginning of Term 1, or even within the first few weeks. We would like to extend our apologies to families who have been impacted by this issue.

Please note that orders already confirmed have been received from our supplier and these buyers will be contacted directly with pick-up instructions.

We have been working hard to find an alternative source of supply for the Supported Laptop program and we are pleased to advise that we have been able to secure a limited number of laptops from an alternative supplier. These will need to be purchased by next Monday to secure delivery for the start of term and will be available for purchase at using the password ‘KWS21’ -  orders close on Monday 24 January at 4pm. These laptops will be ready during Week 1 of Term 1.

We will continue to work with our supplier to establish an ongoing supply of supported laptops for families who wish to update their child’s computer during the year. Updates will be provided as soon as a confirmed supply can be established.

Frequently asked questions can be found in the BYOLT policy at the link above. For any additional enquiries please email

Bring Your Own Laptop - Specifications

Supported laptops purchased through the school are guaranteed to meet these requirements.
All unsupported laptops must meet these minimum specifications:

  • Operation System: Windows 10 (2004 or newer) or Mac OS Mojave
  • Storage: Minimum 256GB solid state hard drive (SSD)
  • RAM: 8GB minimum (for Textiles, Visual Arts, ICT students 16GB minimum and dedicated graphics card)
  • Wireless Capabilities: Must be capable of connecting to 5Ghz wireless networks
  • Software: The school provides the following to ALL students FREE OF CHARGE:
  • Anti-virus
  • Cyber Safety Software
  • Microsoft 365 (including office desktop applications)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (if required)
  • Accessories:
  • Protective case, earphones and a USB/wireless mouse
  • Battery Life: A minimum of 8 hours battery life
  • Warranty: 3 years of warranty (accidental damage protection strongly recommended)

Mobile Phones and Smartwatches

As per the Mobile Phone and Smart Watch Policy, students are not permitted to use their mobile phones or smart watches in class unless invited to do so by their teacher. The classroom teacher may confiscate a device that is used without permission.

ICT Support Services

The ICT support desk is located upstairs in the library and operates from 8:00AM to 4:00PM on school days and
reduced hours during school holidays to support the ICT needs of all students and staff.

Students attending the support desk with a supported laptop will receive 15 minutes of support from the support
team to resolve any issues not outlined in the above table. If a resolution cannot be reached the support desk will reset the device and restore to a working configuration for the student. Additionally, if a hardware repair is required students will be provided with a replacement device on loan until repairs are completed.

Students attending with an unsupported laptop will receive 5 minutes of best effort support to assist students with minor issues not outlined in the above table. Parents will receive a notification outlining any problems identified that may require follow up. Please refer to the BYOLT policy for a comprehensive list.

It is the responsibility of students to arrive at school each day with their laptop fully charged. Whilst there are some charging facilities in school that are available for use during lunchtime and recess, students should not be relying on the use of these. Most General Purpose Classrooms do not have multiple facilities for the charging of laptops in class and students will not be permitted to charge their laptops during lesson time.