Technologies Assisting Learning

Students will use different devices as they progress through school

KWS provides an age-appropriate technology pathway for students. Starting in K-4 with class sets of computers or iPad then finishing in year 11-12 with an "unsupported" BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. "Unsupported" is defined to mean a limited suite of assistance, as follows:

Connect to the KWS WiFi and access the filtered internet; Use One Drive for Business, Office 365 and KWS emails; Print at KWS (and the follow-me Printing service); Connect to and use Frog (Learning Management System); Assist with KWS Anti-Virus install.

The uBYOD program requires all enrolled year 11-12 students to own and bring an approved device to school. Information about the extent of support and what constitutes an approved device can be found on our ICT site on Frog. NB this site is accessible by current KWS Staff, Students and Parents:

The table below describes computer devices that students will use at different stages of their learning at KWS:

Years K-4 Years 5-8 Years 7-9 Years 11-12
Classroom PCs, Shared iPads
Computer Labs
1:1 iPads Optional:
iPad or unsupported BYOD
Unsupported BYOD
to a minimum specification

KWS operates an Unsupported Bring Your Own Device (uBYOD) environment for years 11-12, that is multi-platform and incorporates Office365, our LMS as well as other faculty specific software. KWS embraces Visible Learning with a transparent curriculum and assessment schedule to support the learning outcomes for our students.

KWS incorporates the following tools into the Teaching and Learning:

OneDrive for Business: where students create and house their day to day work. Office365 for on-line browser based access to MS Office suite.

Frog Learning Management System: where staff, parents and students can communicate and share information.

Print and Follow: Enabling follow-me printing to any building or Boarding House in the School.

Ubiquitous AC WiFi in the learning spaces and Boarding Houses.

KWS provides an ICT Service Desk, located near the entrance way just inside the Library. A helpful team of ICT Support Staff are available to assist all students, staff and parents with using and accessing technology. The Service Desk is open on school days from 8am-4pm. Borders at PLC and Bathurst Road Campus enjoy on-site technical support alternating Wednesdays between 7pm and 9pm.