Prep School

As the Head of the Preparatory School, I have no doubt that we successfully develop the whole child in readiness for Senior School. Starting in Pre-Prep our focus is on play complemented by formal learning. We progressively tweak the balance of curriculum and co-curriculum from Kindergarten through to Year 6 so that we provide the necessary skills, knowledge and values (link) to seamlessly transition your children into Senior School. Earlier in 2018, we analysed the School against others in the region and Sydney, and can confidently say that we are well placed to get the best out your child. A summary of our curriculum, co-curriculum, student spirit, wellbeing, community and leadership (links) can be found on these pages and more information is in the Handbook below.

Rob McLean
Head of Preparatory School


The Preparatory School curriculum is reviewed regularly and staff members are constantly upgrading their skills and strategies to maintain a school focused towards learning in the 21st Century. Our staff members are devoted to providing quality, enriched learning to achieve the very best for your child's education.

For more information about the Prep School Curriculum click here.


Being a member of sporting teams is compulsory for all students from Years 3 to 6. Our Year 1 and Year 2 students have the option of being part of our winter sporting teams and historically around 85% take up the option.

In summer the following sports are played, depending on students' age: tennis, swimming, cricket, triathlon, touch football and basketball. Teams are either entered in local town competitions or internal matches are played.

In winter, sports offered are hockey, netball, soccer and rugby. All teams play in external competitions. Training takes place after school each week and games are played on Saturday and occasionally Sunday.

Music is another important part of our Co-curricular program at Kinross Wolaroi School. During the school day many students take advantage of the specialised individual tuition available for instruments, singing, speech and drama. The skills students learn in our Music program are then incorporated into our various music ensembles. These groups practise of an afternoon or morning and perform at concerts, eisteddfods and on special occasions throughout the year. Our directors are highly talented and skilled musicians and music continues to be a rewarding experience for our students.

Drama is another aspect of our Co-curricular program. All of our students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are involved in a musical production. Students have the opportunity to dance, sing and act and the productions are highly admired by parents who enjoy seeing their children grow in confidence and skills. Our staff members are also actively involved, whether it is in writing the show, directing or producing. Performance time is one of the highlights of our year.

Student Wellbeing

We incorporate programs and strategies focussed on student wellbeing into our school routines. Class teachers are the primary carers in the Preparatory School with most matters of student care and welfare are dealt with through the class teacher. A significant amount of time is spent on forming and developing relationships, building resilience and learning strategies to cope with bullying.

A Peer Support Program also occurs each year with a variety of themes. The program connects students and class teachers within the House system across all year groups of the School. It promotes and fosters leadership, friendship and school spirit. Similarly the Buddy System between our Year 6 students and Kindergarten is an outstanding way of making the transition smooth and friendly for our younger students.

Also part of the wellbeing program is our spiritual component. Children attend Religious Education classes and Chapel where explanations of the Bible and of how our lives are guided by Christian values.

The House system, interaction between classes, and a school where students feel safe and secure all enable the above programs to successfully contribute to the wellbeing of the students in our care.

Community Spirit

At Kinross Wolaroi School we interact with all our community members through a variety of activities.

Our parents play a significant role in the education of the children in the Preparatory School. Many parents coach and manage our sporting teams and attend excursions.

The Preparatory School also raises much-needed funds for many charitable organisations, including Jeans for Genes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer research, Uniting World and Ronald McDonald House. Families have also been united in sending goods to flood and fire ravaged and cyclone devastated parts of Australia.

With many children involved in the music programs, the Preparatory School provides mini-concerts for Orange’s aged care homes. This provides enormous pleasure for our elderly citizens and our students gain great satisfaction from helping others.

The School is a community within itself. Children from overseas, interstate and from all over NSW learn to understand each others' backgrounds and show respect for the varying cultures each child brings to the school.


Kinross Wolaroi Preparatory School thrives because of the leadership qualities shown by our Year 6 School leaders. This is reflected in all the students in Year 6.

All Year 6 students undergo Peer Support Leadership Training in preparation for their final year of Preparatory School. This training is then used in conducting the Peer Support Program, as well as being role models for our younger students.

The Preparatory School students also elect Prefects and House Captains. These leaders have a number of responsibilities over the year at assemblies, sporting carnivals, and in the general running of the School. They make a commitment to lead through their actions and this provides solid foundations for younger students.

We also have a Student Representative Council where students from Year 2 to 6 meet each week. The purpose is to give students a voice so as to enhance our school. This provides leadership opportunities from a young age.

A number of other leadership positions occur within the Preparatory School. Music is pivotal to the educational strength of our School and we have music leaders elected from our Choirs, Band and Strings Group.

In sport, students have the opportunity to captain their teams for their weekend commitments. Roles are determined by their age but they have the responsibility to lead their team and promote their games through the fortnightly Bulletin. This creates a real team spirit.

At our weekly assembly each class has the responsibility of co-ordinating and hosting the proceedings. Whether they are in Kindergarten or Year 6, students have the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and lead the assembly, a small but valuable step on the leadership pathway.


Kinross Wolaroi School is a proud member of The University of Sydney STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

The STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy aims to provide teachers with knowledge, skills, resources and support to make real change in their classroom teaching. It inspires teachers to pursue their interests in science, mathematics and information technology, and to pass on that inspiration to their students.