Prep Curriculum

We spend significant time planning and assessing the content, skills and values in each subject so as to best educate the boys and girls in the Preparatory School in the 21st century.

All our students in the Preparatory School have a “home” classroom and a classroom teacher, however they also have the opportunity to have regular lessons with highly experienced specialist teachers in subjects such as Science and Creative Arts.

To ensure extensions and consolidation of topics covered in the classroom, short homework tasks are set for students in Kindergarten to Year 2 with more structured and regular homework for those in Year 3 to 6.

Year 5 and 6 use individual iPads as a learning tool. This gives students greater opportunities to develop their skills across the academics and creative domains as well as a furthering their technological skills.

As identified by the NSW Board of Studies, the six identified Key Learning Areas for Kindergarten to Year 6 include:


This involves developing the skills needed to read widely with understanding and enjoyment. We will teach your child to spell accurately and to write in a variety of forms. All students are taught to understand the function of language and to listen and communicate effectively in a variety of situations.


Mathematics in the Preparatory School involves learning the basics of number, space and measurement. Your child will learn many aspects of developing, calculating, reasoning, predicting and verifying skills.

Science and Technology

This area involves learning skills of enquiry, investigation, designing and problem solving. Your child will gain knowledge and understanding about the natural and modified environments and people's interaction with them.

Human Society and its Environment

All students will gain knowledge and understanding about the history of Australia, its geography, social institutions and place in the world. Your child will also be given opportunities to compare and appreciate religious and moral beliefs of other cultures.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a vital Key Learning Area. This involves developing technical competence and skills in design and performance. Your child will learn appreciation and self-expression in visual and practical arts. Music is an integral part of our week at Kinross Wolaroi School. All children take part in the choirs while our Strings Group and Ensembles continue to grow in numbers and musical strength. Their performance work continues to receive high praise. Involvement in drama and musicals is compulsory for all children. Students learn to perform on stage and gain great confidence from their involvement in the performances.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

PDHPE involves learning to develop an active, healthy lifestyle. We will teach your child to develop skills they can utilise in inter-personal relationships while also developing positive values, attitudes and beliefs. This is combined with participation in regular physical activity. Participation in sport is compulsory from Year 3 and actively encouraged in the younger years. We strongly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and our students certainly lead active and healthy lifestyles through their involvement in sport.