10 Things to Look For In A Great Junior School

When considering the educational opportunities for your children it’s imperative to consider the early years of schooling as they are vital for equipping students with the keys to success in their future years. These early developmental years of education depend on a solid foundation and a strong partnership between the student, parents and school.

If you were to ask a broad selection of people what the most important years are in a child’s education, many would argue that the HSC years are the most important however an individual’s drive, results and ambitions at this later stage in schooling can be nurtured and cultivated from an early age.

At Kinross Wolaroi School, we pride ourselves on giving each of our primary school students the best possible education across academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and social domains. Our School is all about opportunities, challenges and friendships.

So why choose Kinross Wolaroi for your child's early years of education? Here are 10 great things to look for:

1. A place to help students fulfil their potential

Our academic program will help your child to flourish throughout their primary school years and beyond. Teaching reading with the support of phonics helps every learner achieve their reading potential and sets the best possible foundation for a lifetime of learning. An iPad program from Kindergarten to Year 6 complements learning without dominating. With small class sizes and no composite classes, you can be confident that your child will get the attention they need to succeed.

2. Academic challenge, academic care

A dedicated Junior School Learning Support Program and Academic Enrichment Program provides both academic challenge and academic care for your child. Specialist teachers for Music, PDHPE, Science and French bring their special knowledge and enthusiasm for their subjects to every classroom, and some of the many extension opportunities include Da Vinci Decathlon, STEM, Robotics, Kids’ Lit Quiz and ICAS Examinations. The early years of school are a time when you will watch your child unveil their talents and discover their passions. We give them every opportunity to do so, with a wide range of co-curricular options such as public speaking, drama, debating and chess. 

3. Great sport and co-curricular opportunities for all ages

With our outstanding PDHPE and sport program, we’ll keep your child busy and fit, right from day one. We place a high value on sport for the positive influence exercise has on wellbeing and learning. That emphasis shows in some of the outstanding sporting achievements of our students. Your child will choose from a selection of seasonal sports, including Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Basketball, Athletics, Football, Netball, Rugby, Hockey Swim Squad, Equestrian and Cross Country. With training organised by the school, you’ll just need to turn up to support your child from the sidelines on game day. Our 50 acre main campus features eight ovals, basketball courts, cricket nets and a huge indoor sports centre. 

4. Music for all

The learning benefits of being taught music early in life are well documented, so music plays a vital role in school life at Kinross Wolaroi. Ensembles in band, string and choir cater for your young musician. Special instrumental programs are led by gifted teachers: In Year 1 all students learn a string instrument for ten weeks under the tuition of a professional musician from The Brandenburg Orchestra; then in Year 3 a band program teaches woodwind and brass with specialist tutors, culminating in a full band performance. Our popular dance group regularly performs and competes in eisteddfods. On-site private music, speech and drama tuition in dedicated tutorial rooms is available on a full range of instruments; it costs a little extra, but is organised for you by the School with lessons before or after school or even during the school day. To cap it off, the Junior School also stages a musical, a music festival and number of other concerts every year.

5. A seamless transition to High School and a guaranteed place

An education in our Junior School smooths the path to high school by removing the fears associated with making new friends and adapting to unfamiliar environments. Familiarity with the Senior Campus, an established friendship group and shared teachers, means the move to high school becomes much less daunting when Year 7 arrives. Students from the Junior School are guaranteed a place in the Senior School – no applications, no interviews, no worries!

6. A real world environment

As a leader in coeducation for over 40 years, Kinross Wolaroi School boasts a great balance of almost exactly 50 percent girls and boys. In a co-education environment, boys and girls cultivate mutual respect, understanding, and support for one another. Students realise and appreciate their own individual value as well as each other’s. By learning together, girls and boys cooperate and collaborate in ways that enable them to embrace and celebrate their differences as well as their similarities. Girls and boys embrace leadership positions across all areas of learning in the School, providing a strong foundation for building respectful and enduring social and professional relationships later in life.

7. Holidays and after school care

As a busy or working parent, the school day rarely works the same hours as you. So when you need more time outside of normal school hours, our before and after school and holiday care offers convenient programs that are fun, safe and rewarding for your child. The program provides a diverse range of creative and recreational activities for students, tailored to your child’s interests, personality and abilities. Delicious and healthy snacks are provided and homework supervision is available. Activities are thoughtfully planned to inspire and challenge, enhancing many of the skills your child learns at school, along with their life skills. Located within the School campus, students are escorted to and from childcare each day.

8. A regional education philosophy

As proudly regional educators we have developed TREE (The Regional Education Enterprise) to differentiate the learning experience at Kinross Wolaroi School from the conventional text and classroom education of other schools. Our place-based education philosophy connects our students with nature, sustainability and community, grounding them in real world experience. Moving the focus of our learning outside of the classroom helps students to experience stronger engagement, deeper learning and enhanced wellbeing. From exploring the effects of drought on local farms to building their own greenhouse from recycled materials, our students gain an understanding of stewardship, entrepreneurialism and community.

9. Setting high standards

Our Peer Support Program promotes responsibility and leadership opportunities for Year 6 students as well as skills and knowledge for our younger students in making and maintaining relationships. A Buddy Program sees Year 6 students supporting the transition of our Kindergarten students to school. With a curriculum focused on social and emotional learning, our House Mentor system is tailored to the particular needs of our students and sets our expectations for high standards of behaviour. Activities such as Gardening Club and our Beanie Making Group, as well as our commitment to Christian values, help our students to develop their sense of social responsibility. With around 230 students in our Junior School, our students are well known by staff and each student’s learning journey matters.

10. A welcoming and connected community

As part of the Kinross Wolaroi community, you will join a thriving group of connected families.  As a parent, you will enjoy an annual calendar of events to help you to get to know other members of the community, meet people in your child’s year group, support the school and give back to the wider community. You’ll be joining families and alumni - some of whom have a connection to the school that reaches back many decades - all with a common commitment to excellence in education and community building.

Whether you come from the city, a regional town or a rural district, our students and families will all play their part in sharing your child’s journey at Kinross Wolaroi School.


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