Building wellbeing and resilience

Student wellbeing underpins every aspect of a student’s schooling, from their ability to learn in class, to their ability to build positive relationships. When a student's physical, emotional and social needs are met, they are in the best position to engage in the learning process. It is this that drives Kinross Wolaroi School's focus on student wellbeing. 

Resilience is a core focus of the School's Wellbeing program and is one of the five core values that underpin all that we do at our school. Resilience is about having the ability to cope with and adapt to new situations and to bounce back from times of adversity or hardship. Having a sense of resilience and positive wellbeing enables a person to approach other people and situations with confidence and optimism, which is especially important for young people in the rapidly changing world around us.

Our School has many programs and resources available to support our students, teachers and wider community, to ensure that they are equipped in times of change and stress. 

At Kinross Wolaroi we have a number of school support networks and programs that are available to all students. 

Peer Support

We provide a nurturing and supportive environment to help foster student wellbeing in our School and a key component of this is our Peer Support program which is offered in both the Junior and Senior Schools.

In the Junior School, the program aims to fosters leadership, friendship and school spirit by connecting students and class teachers within the Day House system across all year groups of the School.

In Year 7, our students who have moved up from the Junior School are buddied up with new students to ensure that they have a smooth transition and are made to feel welcome and included. The 'You Can Sit With Me’ initiative helps connect current students with those who are new to the School, encouraging inclusiveness and kindness. It focuses on orientation and establishing routines in the new school environment, building relationships and instilling confidence in students.

Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring is available for Year 12 students and aims to provide support in what can typically be a stressful year. Students have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis with our dedicated Year 12 Coordinator who can assist in their preparation for the HSC, as well as provide emotional support and guidance on future plans for tertiary studies, traineeships/apprenticeships and gap year opportunities.

Students can use this one-on-one time to gather feedback and seek advice in areas which they are unsure about. As part of the mentoring process, students are encouraged to set Individual goals and the sessions allow students to consider all their relevant opportunities to achieve success in the years to come.

School Psychologist

Counselling and psychological services are provided on site by Kinross Wolaroi's full-time School Psychologist who has extensive training and experience in child and adolescent mental health. The Psychologist is available to work with students, staff and parents to address academic, socio-emotional and behavioural issues which impact on student wellbeing. Any issue that might impact on a student’s wellbeing could be helped by speaking with a Counsellor.

The Buddy System

When starting at a new school there are many concerns that new students face and we are constantly working to address these and make the transition as smooth as possible. Each new student joining us at our school is partnered up with a buddy. We try to match new students with a buddy that has similar interests, hobbies, subjects and personality traits. The current student is tasked with providing support and guidance to the new student, helping them to feel welcome and included. In our Junior School, Year 6 students are also paired up with a Kindergarten student to provide guidance and support when they are transitioning into ‘big’ school.

Indigenous Student Coordinator

We have a thriving, diverse community at Kinross Wolaroi School. As a regional school, we instil local values into our students and work to maintain their connection with their history and with other students.

We offer an innovative program to support indigenous students, in both their engagement with their education and their feelings of inclusivity with their peers. It’s important to us that we build strong relationships that are accepting of cultures, empowering indigenous students to work towards their goal career.

School Chaplain

There is a chapel service every two weeks, which is run by the Chaplain and available to all students. This is part of our holistic approach to education and is key to supporting the wellbeing of students. In addition, our Chaplain is able to offer a listening ear and a caring presence for children when they feel like they need it.

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