Preparing Students For Senior School

Transitioning from Junior School through to Senior School is a huge step in a child’s journey, and it’s important that their education leading up to this crossover is designed to prepare them for what’s to come. 

A child’s Kinross Wolaroi School journey can begin at age’s four to five, in Pre-Kinder. From their very first day, we aim to deliver a high quality co-curricular education that puts student well-being at the core and prepares them for the next stages in their life. In this article, we’re taking a look at how Kinross Wolaroi Junior School successfully develops your child to be ready for Senior School, by focusing on play complemented by formal learning.

Your child's educational journey can start at Kinross Wolaroi School in Pre Kinder from the age of 4. 

The Foundation for Development

Our school is about opportunities, challenges and friendships, and children are supported by staff as they navigate Junior School and develop in their most critical learning years. Children learn in smaller classes of 18-24 students, where they can receive the care and attention they need to progress.

We take a holistic approach to education, helping children to find more than just a career path through their education; but also helping them to find a meaning and purpose, develop a healthy lifestyle and connections with their community, in order to encourage them to grow into well-rounded individuals.

We set up the foundation for students to develop their interests and build their confidence, including in areas such as music, sports and performing arts.

The Kinross Wolaroi Junior School sets a foundation to allow students to explore their interests - the annual theatrical showcase held at the Orange Civic Theatre is open for family, friends and the general public to attend. 

Focus on Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the forefront of our everyday programs and strategies. There is a focus on ensuring students feel connected at school by building relationships between students and class teachers. With ongoing programs such as Peer Support and the Buddy System, we foster leadership, friendship and school spirit.

It’s imperative that students feel supported and safe, and that they always know where to turn if they need to talk to someone.

Leadership Training

All Year 6 students at Kinross Wolaroi Junior School participate in Peer Support Leadership Training to prepare them for their final year at Junior School and to instil extra confidence as they prepare for the move to Senior School. This includes giving children the opportunity to coordinate assemblies and speak in front of an audience.

Exceptional Academic Support

Our staff members are devoted to providing quality, rich learning to students, to provide a solid platform for all of their future learning. Literacy is integrated across the whole curriculum with this in mind. The Junior School curriculum is carefully designed to provide the best possible opportunities for children to develop their skills across academic and creative domains. 

Contact Kinross Wolaroi School

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