What are the Benefits of Boarding at School?

What are the Benefits of Boarding at School? | Kinross Wolaroi School

The idea of enrolling at a boarding school can initially be intimidating; leaving your home for extended periods of time and getting used to a new environment is a big step - but it’s not one without its benefits. Boarding school provides a place to develop self-confidence and maturity, and can positively impact your education, your skills and your social life.

Wolaroi Campus: Boarding and School activities at KWS are split across two campuses. Wolaroi Campus is located on Bathurst Road on the eastern side of town and is our main school educational site and where our boy boarding students reside. 

More time to spend with your peers

Living on campus at KWS provides opportunities to socialise and bond with your peers and allows individuals to develop strong sense of self confidence and belonging. The life inside our boarding houses creates memorable moments that our students will take beyond their school years, all whilst sharing experiences with a diverse range people of different ages and backgrounds. Each week a number of group activities take place in our boarding houses; these often include board game and card nights, cook outs, sporting contests, movie nights, cooking and food challenges to name a few.

This helps students to better understand the needs of themselves and others, building values within them that contribute to well-rounded success in later life. In Year 7 our boarding students are surrounded by new faces and personalities but when they leave in Year 12, they have developed lifelong friendships and leave as part of an extended family.

Increased access to educational resources and support

Boarding schools provide an environment that’s brimming with academic opportunities, and you’ll get access to ongoing support from your teachers and peers, as well as to high-quality facilities and an action packed activity and weekend schedule.

Boarding schools provide a structure that balances study and leisure time, which is designed to enhance your focus and productivity. High value is placed on developing the independence of students, with improvements in organisation and time management skills being a clear benefit in residential students.

PLC Campus: The PLC Campus is located on Coronation Drive on the Western side of Orange and is about 4 kms from the Wolaroi Site. This is our secondary school site where our girls boarding students reside. This campus is also used for sporting activities such as cross country, local school camps, leadership days and the onsite hall provides an uninterrupted space for examination periods including the HSC.

Increased access to facilities

The importance of recreational activities such as sport and music can never be overlooked, and you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities to develop your skills and focus on the things you love outside of the classroom. Being able to utilise our many sports grounds across two campuses and onsite learning spaces during the evenings and weekends affords students with more chances to develop, staying healthy and active with their peers. Further to this our boarding students can utilise the space of our nearby school farms for outdoor activities, adventures and camp outs!

Experience living away from home

Many young people only get to experience living away from home once they enrol in university. Being a boarder at a co-educational boarding school prepares children for “real-life” experiences, teaching you to adapt and flourish in new surrounds and learning to complete simple life tasks. Whether it’s feeding the chickens of a morning or helping to prepare a weekend BBQ in the boarding house; we believe all of these life experiences help to build character amongst young boys and girls.

It’s a controlled environment that encourages students with their freedom to make their own decisions and develop your capabilities early on. This kind of responsibility cultivates admirable traits such as leadership and the use of self-initiative.

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Kinross Wolaroi School provides high-quality, co-educational boarding, set within a family-like environment that focuses on the education, well-being and inclusiveness. We want to help you find the right school, and to offer a home away from home during this crucial stage of life. To find out more about enrolling with us, simply email admissions@kws.nsw.edu.au