Why Health and Wellbeing is Essential for Learning

Kinross Wolaroi School is committed to providing an environment that goes beyond the highest standards of education. We take an active role in the well-being of our students, with an investment in both physical and mental health.

The well-being of students is critical to their happiness both at school and in later life. Children who feel happy in the classroom tend to be more alert and engaged; two factors that have a huge impact in academic performance.

All teachers play an important role in fostering the well-being of students as they take on the role as mentors within our day houses. Wellbeing within our school is supported by the whole teaching body and the school psychologist, to help to develop a strong, supportive system that leads to a safe and inclusive environment. 

The connection between well-being and academic performance

Positive performance in Kinross Wolaroi School is measured by more than just exam results; it’s also judged by a student’s love for learning, satisfaction in class and engagement in school activities. Teachers play a huge part in student well-being, and we notice a consistently strong correlation between good teacher-student relationships and academic performance.

In our Senior School each student is a member of one of eight day houses and within this day house has two dedicated periods of Wellbeing time each week. As a small group, these Wellbeing sessions can focus on a wide array of topics and include team bonding events, study techniques and help with examination prep, mindfulness activities and day to day conversations. On a number of occasions each term groups come together for age specific seminars, workshops and presentations from outside experts.

Within the Junior School, classroom teachers take responsibility for most matters of student care and welfare. A significant amount of time is spent on forming and developing relationships, building resilience and learning strategies to cope with any conflict.

Our Senior Students are part of eight day houses and within the house each individual year group is assigned a mentor. As a small group, these students and their mentor undertake 2 Wellbeing lessons a week. 

Promoting good mental health in schools

Positive mental health is a state of wellbeing that ensures students are able to meet their learning potential, can cope with the everyday stresses of life and feel well-connected to their community.

We promote mental health to help students build resilience against adversity, find enjoyment in the everyday, flourish in their education and promote confidence in themselves as individuals. We take seriously our responsibility to provide an holistic learning environment that models positive behaviour practices and takes a balanced approach between academic studies and student happiness.


A safer, more inclusive learning environment

Kinross Wolaroi is committed to developing strong, supportive relationships within the academic environment, between students, their teachers and their peers. When students feel safe and included within their school, they’re better able to engage in their studies.

We also have a dedicated school psychologist to help children who may be suffering from anxiety or other mental illnesses. By providing these services to students, they know they have the support they need from KWS and can make sure they’re staying safe, healthy and happy.

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Families and students develop a deep sense of belonging at Kinross Wolaroi School, and we create an environment that fosters well-being to develop rounded individuals that are prepared for their whole life ahead.

For enquiries related to our enrolment and admissions process, please contact KWS on admissions@kws.nsw.edu.au.