International Student Exchange Program

The Kinross Wolaroi School International Student Exchange Program was re-launched in 2023 after several years of being on hold, due to COVID. The program is designed to allow Year 10 students the opportunity to experience education from a global perspective. 


Dr Signe Ernist International Student Exchange Coordinator P |  +61 2 5319 0312
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Incoming Exchange Students

We are delighted to welcome exchange students from overseas for short and long-term visits to our community. We hope that the students will benefit from the experiences of being part of the Kinross Wolaroi School (KWS) and the wider Orange and Australian community and they will share with us their personal attributes and their own culture.  

Exchange Student Enrolment Documents

Documents to be provided to Dr Ernist:

Code of Conduct 
Exchange Student Enrolment Form 
Medical Consent Form 
Statement of Guardianship 
Year 10 Subject Selection Form 
Exchange Student Profile

Credit Card - Direct Debit Request

A Copy of Passport
A Copy of Visa
A Copy of Flight Tickets
A Copy of Immunisation Record


Exchange Handbook 
Boarding Handbook
Senior School Handbook 
Curriculum Handbook Stage 5
Counselling & Psychological Services 
Mobile Phone Policy 

Host Family Information 

International Exchange Host Family Information 

Outgoing Exchange Students

The relationships that Kinross Wolaroi School has forged over the years remains strong. Our outgoing students will have the opportunity to experience their education in a variety of countries around the world. With Kinross Wolaroi School joining the worldwide Round Square community, we look forward to adding to the depth of opportunities we can offer our students. Kinross Wolaroi School recognises that the benefits of international exchange are numerous and multi-faceted, and is another way of assisting our students to become global citizens. 


Exchange Handbook