Governing Body

The Role of Council

The Kinross Wolaroi School Council has responsibility for the overall governance of the School in accordance with the Constitution. It is also a source of collective leadership within the School in partnership with the Principal. The key role of the Council is governance, not the management and day to day operations of the School, which are delegated to the Principal.

All Members of the Council have a variety of skills relevant to their governance role. They apply their expertise to ensure that Kinross Wolaroi School is governed wisely. The Council meets on a regular basis and has a number of sub-committees.

key functions

The key functions of the Council are to:

  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, internal standards, policies and expectations of key stakeholders, past, present and future students and families, employees and suppliers and the broader regional community;
  • Determine Kinross Wolaroi School’s vision, mission, values, strategic aims and consequent plans;
  • Determine governance policies;
  • Appoint, supervise, appraise and receive reports from the Principal;
  • Delegate school and business management to the Principal;
  • Together with the Principal, develop action plans aligning with the Strategic Plan. Develop and monitor policies which set the framework for the School;
  • Ensure the financial resources are adequate and well managed. Council’s duty is to protect assets and manage income;
  • Determine the School’s objectives, purposes and standards and policies on key issues; and
  • Ensure the School has adequate comprehensive policies and procedures to manage risk including its audit functions.



The Chair is elected by the Council Members who are appointed in accordance with the procedures set out in the Constitution. The Chair may serve a maximum term of 6 years which may be extended in exceptional circumstances to a maximum term of 9 years. In addition to the responsibilities of being a member, the Chair is required to lead and manage the Council, represent the Council within the community and offer the necessary support to the Principal.


To view a copy of Kinross Wolaroi School's Constitution click here.

Strategic Plan

Kinross Wolaroi School is committed to being a leading school, with a dedication to educational excellence. In this context, we are proud to share  our Strategic Plan 2024-2026, ‘Building our Future’. Click on the button below for more information.

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Past Chairs of Council

Mrs C McIntosh
Current Council Member
Chair of Council 26 April 2016 to 5 February 2021

Mr T Cheney
Council Member 1998 to 27 March 2017
Chairman of Council 24 November 2009 to 25 April 2016

Mr DC Pigot
Council Member 1979 to 2009
Chairman of Council 20 August 1981 to 5 December 2009

Mr R (Dick) Niven
Chairman of Council
22 January 1980 – 19 August 1981

Mr WG (Bill) Stewart
Chairman of Council
24 January 1975 –27 June 197 5
19 July 1977–29 November 1979

Mr WDJ (Bill) Dean
Council Member 1963–1995
Chairman of Council 27 June 1975–27 April 1977


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