Governing Body

The Role of Council

The Council has responsibility for the overall governance of the School in accordance with the Constitution. This means that it acts as a custodian and guardian of the School, representing the School’s owners, The Uniting Church. It is also a source of collective leadership within the School in partnership with the Principal. The key role of the Council is governance, not the management and day to day operations of the School, which are delegated to the Principal.

All Members of the Council have a variety of skills relevant to their governance role. They apply their expertise to ensure that Kinross Wolaroi School is governed wisely. The Council meets on a regular basis and has a number of sub-committees.

The key functions of the Council are to:

Determine Kinross Wolaroi School’s vision and purpose.
This includes the development of the Strategic Plan and governance policies.

Appointment of the principal.
Council is responsible for the selection, supervision and appraisal of the Principal. Professional recruitment agencies may be engaged to assist in this process.

Delegate management responsibilities to the principal.
These include:

  • Curriculum implementation and assessment
  • Student enrolments
  • Student well-being
  • Staff recruitment, selection, supervision and appraisal
  • General oversight of the day to day operations of the School
  • Regular reporting to Council

Undertake regular appraisals and reviews of the performance of the principal.
The regular review of the Principal’s performance is based on criteria predetermined by the Council and the Principal, and is used to monitor the progress of the School in general.

Ensure effective planning.
In consultation with the Principal, Council develops action plans, which align with the Strategic Plan. Council develops and monitors policies which set the framework for the School.

Ensure the financial resources are adequate and well managed.
Council has direct responsibility for the School’s finances to ensure that they are well managed for present and future needs. The Council approves the annual budget, on the basis of the operational needs of the School, the priorities of the Strategic Plan and the financial forecast for the next 3-5 years, including capital works. Council’s duty is to protect assets and manage income. Regular financial reports are developed by the Bursar and reviewed by the Council to monitor the financial position of the School.

Risk management
Council ensures the School has adequate comprehensive policies and procedures to manage risk.

The Chairperson

The Chairperson of Council is elected by Council Members and has all the responsibilities of other Members of the Council. The Chairperson may serve a maximum term of 5 years which may be extended in exceptional circumstances. In addition the Chairperson is required to:

  • Lead and manage the Council
  • Represent the Council within the community
  • Offer the necessary support to the Principal.

Appointment of Council

Council Members are appointed in accordance with the procedures set out in the Constitution and as approved and confirmed by The Uniting Church Synod. There is a requirement for balance with a range of skills to be represented.