School spirit and community spirit are entwined. The invaluable work of the Parents and Friends Association, Alumni, the Kinross Wolaroi Foundation and the many sporting and creative arts support groups make our school a special place for students, teachers and parents.

Derek C Pigot was chairperson of the Kinross Wolaroi School council for 28 years concluding in 2009. The Auditorium is named in his honour and the following poignant statement appears in the foyer.

To all the students of Kinross Wolaroi School:

"Respect each other, be kind and nice to each other, respect your teachers and your parents, understand that you’re on a journey of learning. Use the opportunity that you have, by being privileged to attend a school like this, to achieve to the best of your individual ability. Don’t apologise to anyone for that, so that you leave this place of learning you go out into the community as a meaningful and contributing citizen of Australia.”
- Derek Pigot