Strategic Plan 2024-2026


About the Strategic Plan

Kinross Wolaroi School is committed to being a leading school, with a dedication to educational excellence. In this context, we are proud to share  our Strategic Plan for the next three years, ‘Building our Future’.

The Strategic Plan 2024-2026 identifies four drivers for action: Student Experience, Staff Experience, Community Engagement and Sustainability. It is designed to propel focused and deliverable strategic change over a compact timeframe. The four Focus Areas provide a framework for the development of plans that will be reported on annually to our community.

In our new Strategic Plan we outline a strategy that is responsive to the current and future needs of our students and staff, while enhancing the sustainability of a great school in which our community has deep roots and investment.

Our full range of stakeholders played an active role in evolving this strategy through a process of deep listening and Appreciative Inquiry. The result is a new Vision, the addition of a Diversity Statement, and for the first time at Kinross Wolaroi, the creation of a Graduate Profile.

The need for courageous, collaborative and evidence-informed leadership underpins the plan, with a focus on development of a values-driven and thriving school climate.

Our vision is to develop an innovative framework for delivery against this plan: It offers exciting opportunities to reshape what we do in response to the changing environment in which we are operating. Our next step is to establish working groups aligned with each focus area, to identify how best to deliver on our goals.

Through a focus on continuous improvement, investment in people and sustainability, Kinross Wolaroi School will continue to thrive.

We are aspirational for every individual, aiming to live and work with conviction, purpose and meaning, guided by an ethos of social justice, equity and inclusiveness.

The complete Strategic Plan can be viewed and downloaded below.