Educational Support

Student Academic Services

The Student Academic Service Department focuses on teaching and learning. The department aims to assist K-12 teachers and students by providing academic assistance that promotes effective student engagement in the classroom. The Department also provides assistance in literacy, numeracy, organisation and study skills.

Who are we?

The Student Academic Services (SAS) Department is made up of Learning Support Teachers (LST), Cross-Curricular Literacy Coordinator (CCLC) and Teacher’s aides (TA). LSTs coordinate TAs, and the CCLC works across the whole school in literacy development. The TAs work in targeted classrooms assisting teachers in class, working with students on a one-to-one basis and in targeted withdrawal literacy and numeracy programs. There is also a specialised TA who works with Indigenous students.

What do we do?

SAS is a K-12 Department that focuses on effective teaching practice and student learning. The Department aims to support teachers by providing academic assistance that promotes effective student engagement in the classroom as well as supporting students with additional learning needs by providing assistance in literacy, numeracy, organisation and study skills.

We provide assistance to staff as a sounding board for teaching strategies that require evidence-based research. We promote whole school initiatives that focus on study, effort and literacy development. The SAS Department promotes an inclusive classroom that recognises the diverse learning needs of all students.

Student Academic Services also runs a Homework Club on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. This Club provides a supervised study area where students can work and seek assistance from our qualified staff enabling students to get organised, complete homework, compile some study notes, ask questions and draft responses for their assessments.

Learning Support

While diagnostics teaching and programming forms the basis for daily instruction, some students need extra time practicing and implementing basic numeracy and literacy skills. Monitoring national testing results (ie NAPLAN) and individual assessment provides information to design programs which complement the learning occurring within the classroom.

Student Academics Services are able to provide expert and on-going support for students who may have behaviour difficulties, physical disabilities and academic gifts.

Assistance comes in various forms and is organised and monitored by dedicated and caring staff. Some of the programs include additional literacy and numeracy support, organisational assistance, accessing disability provisions during assessments and individual learning programs.

Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and Talented students are tracked academically with regular contact and feedback from Student Academic Services, to ensure they are enjoying school, being challenged in their coursework and most importantly, achieving.

There are many formal programs on offer in the Senior School including:

  • Extension units in English,
  • Mathematics enrichment and acceleration program
  • University coursework in Philosophy
  • State and international competitions a variety of subjects.

Several members of staff have Gifted and Talented qualification through the University of NSW COGE (Certificate in Gifted Education) and are actively involved with GERRIC (Gifted Education Research Resource Information Centre, UNSW).