Educational Support

Student Academic Services

The Student Academic Service Department focuses on teaching and learning. The department aims to assist K-12 teachers and students by providing academic assistance that promotes effective student engagement in the classroom. The Department also provides assistance in literacy, numeracy, organisation and study skills.

Who are we?

The Student Academic Services (SAS) Department is a Kindergarten to Year 12 department made up of Learning Support Teachers (LST), and Teacher Aides (TA). LSTs work to develop targeted intervention and programmes for students requiring further assistance with their schooling. The TAs work in targeted classrooms assisting teachers in class, working with students on a one-to-one basis and in targeted withdrawal literacy and numeracy programs where appropriate. There are also specialised TAs who work with Indigenous students.

What do we do?

SAS is a K-12 Department that focuses on effective teaching practice and student learning. The Department aims to support teachers by providing academic assistance that promotes effective student engagement in the classroom, as well as supporting students with additional learning needs by providing assistance in literacy, numeracy, organisation and study skills.

We provide professional learning opportunities for staff to assist them in meeting the needs of students across the full range of abilities. We promote whole school initiatives that focus on study, effort and literacy development. The SAS Department promotes an inclusive classroom that recognises the diverse learning needs of all students.


Learning Support

The Learning Support team aims to identify students with learning difficulties, and by working with teachers, seeks to enable students to participate in and benefit from the classroom learning experience. Support comes in various forms and is organised and monitored by Tina Moshkanbaryans, the Learning Support Coordinator. Some of the support includes Homework Club (Monday to Thursday), the development of Individual Plans, modified learning programs, additional literacy and numeracy support, organisational assistance, and disability provisions for examinations.

The overall aim of Learning Support is to encourage all students to enjoy the learning process, take pride in their work, set fulfilling goals and make real progress towards those goals.

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement led by Yooie Choi encompasses a number of areas within the school such as testing, data analysis, student tracking and promoting effective learning habits. Learning Enhancement coordinates NAPLAN, ICAS and Allwell testing. Using this data as well as other information such as mentor meetings and school reports, students are placed into targeted classes, and monitored for underachievement. Learning habits are promoted through the development of the Student Planner and the coordination of Study Club/Camps and other key workshops.

Another significant area is the identification of highly abled students and to encourage them to fulfil their academic potential. A key aim is to ensure students are intellectually challenged as well as emotionally engaged and supported so that they are enjoying school, being challenged in their coursework and, most importantly, achieving.