Privacy Policy

Kinross Wolaroi School is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. The new privacy legislation which has been applied to the private sector since 21 December 2001 regulates among other matters, the way organisations collect, use, disclose, keep secure and give people access to their personal information. We seek to make all members of the Kinross Wolaroi School family aware of the matters specified below and to obtain consent for uses and disclosure of personal information that may not be regarded as being for primary or secondary related purposes. The following statement outlines the School's policy on how the School uses and manages personal information which has been provided or collected.

  • Kinross Wolaroi School collects personal information, including sensitive information about pupils and parents or guardians and grandparents before and during the course of a pupil's enrolment at the School. The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable the School to provide the best schooling for your child and a means of communicating between the School and the child's family.
  • Some of the information we collect is to satisfy the School's legal obligations, particularly to enable the School to discharge its duty of care.
  • Certain laws governing or relating to the operation of schools require that certain information is collected. These include Public Health and Child Protection laws.
  • Health information about pupils is sensitive information within the terms of the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. We ask you to provide medical reports about pupils from time to time.
  • The School from time to time discloses personal and sensitive information to others for administrative and educational purposes. This includes to other schools, Government departments, medical practitioners, and people providing services to the School, including specialist visiting teachers, sports coaches and volunteers.
  • If we do not obtain the information referred to above we may not be able to enrol or continue the enrolment of a child.
  • Personal information collected from pupils is regularly disclosed to their parents or guardians. On occasions information such as academic and sporting achievements, pupil activities and other news is published in the School Newsletters, Bulletins, The Tower magazine, on our website and in the general media.
  • Parents may seek access to personal information collected about them and their son/daughter by contacting the School. Pupils may also seek access to personal information about themselves. However, there will be occasions when access is denied. Such occasions would include where access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others, where access may result in a breach of the School's duty of care to the pupil, or where pupils have provided information in confidence.
  • As you may know the School from time to time engages in social and fundraising activities. Information received from you may be used to make an appeal to you. It may also be disclosed to organisations that assist in the School's fundraising activities such as the Kinross Wolaroi Foundation. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent.
  • We may include your contact details in a class list and School directory. If you do not agree to this or any of the above points you must advise the School.
  • If you provide the School with the personal information of others, such as doctors or emergency contacts, we encourage you to inform them that you are disclosing that information to the School and why, that they can access that information if they wish and that the School does not usually disclose the information to third parties.

Social Media

Kinross Wolaroi School values its community and believes, that when used appropriately, social media can provide a great means of keeping conversation flowing between all members of our School family and friends.
To get the most out of your online ‘conversations’ just remember these simple School do’s and don’ts:

  • Keep it friendly – Kinross Wolaroi School is an encouraging and positive place, so let’s make sure that is reflected in our online posts.
  • Keep it fair – don’t post anything that may be seen as abusive, defamatory, racist, derogatory, malicious or in any way offensive. We’ll simply remove your comments and may block your account.
  • Keep it clean – just as you would be respectful in face-to-face conversations, make sure you maintain those high standards online. We’ll remove anything that includes swearing or obscenity.
  • Keep it lawful – be careful not to post anything that might be against the law.
  • Keep it relevant – remember where you are and only share information that is relevant to our School community. Please don’t post commercial messages or spam, or embed links in your posts to try and draw readers to another site. Users that break this rule will be blocked.
  • Keep it tidy – please don’t use ALL capitals or write nonsense. Such posts will be removed.
  • Don’t share personal information on our timeline – the timeline is for general comments only. If you have a personal query or comment, please message us privately by clicking on the ‘Message’ button at the top of the page.
  • Don’t infect us – don’t put links to malicious sites or attach files containing viruses. Your account will be blocked.
  • Feedback is welcome – we value all opinions and aren’t precious about criticism. But please ensure your comments adhere to the standards above ie. friendly, fair, clean etc.
  • We love suggestions – got an idea to make our School even better? We’d love to hear from you.
  • We like to share – anything you post, including photos and comments, may be used again by Kinross Wolaroi School to promote our School in any manner or media, without legal or monetary obligation to the author.
  • Your opinions are your own – we love to see people joining the conversation, but please remember that posts on Kinross Wolaroi School’s social media pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kinross Wolaroi School, nor can we confirm their accuracy.
  • Follow the rules – by using or accessing our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, you agree to comply with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Terms and Conditions.

If any posts contravene these guidelines, we reserve the right to delete them and block any user who continues to break the rules.
If you have any questions or would like to report misuse of our social media sites, please email our Manager of Admissions and Marketing