Boarding at Kinross Wolaroi School (KWS) aims to offer a safe, secure, warm and homely environment for all our boarders, making it a home away from home for more than 330 boys and girls from Year 7.

Our compassionate and empathetic staff provide an exceptional level of care to our students and ensure their academic, emotional, physical and social wellbeing is achieved within this setting.

The Boarding House environment at KWS fosters respectful relationships as well as a sense of pride, loyalty and kindness within our School community where effective communication, strong friendships and mutual respect is valued and encouraged. As a school we celebrate success, but we respect the value of resilience. For over a century, KWS has been motivating students to become men and women of integrity.

We aim to actively promote and support the wellbeing of all our boarding students through the provision of a caring and compassionate boarding environment which encourages students to be socially responsible, spiritually aware and fully engaged in life. Our vibrant co-curricular program is continually being improved to ensure all students are fully engaged and challenged. Our highly motivated and committed team of enthusiastic boarding staff provide extensive support to our students, helping them discover and develop their individual talents.

When students come to KWS, they join a family where an inclusive community and grounded culture create a sense of belonging. Respect for our Christian heritage and a spirit of service and social justice encourages KWS students to become valuable contributors to their communities.

'A day in the life of a boarder' Series

A day in the life of a Boarder:
Part 1 | Life at Home

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A day in the life of a Boarder:
Part 2 | Coming to School

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A day in the life of a Boarder:
Part 3 | Life at School

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A day in the life of a Boarder:
Part 4 | Life in the Boarding House

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A day in the life of a Boarder:
Part 5 | Help & Support

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About Boarding at KWS

Boarding Structure

Boarding Structure

Boarding life at Kinross Wolaroi School is a natural extension of family life at home. Our accommodation and pastoral care are of the highest standards. We are actively committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and wellbeing of all children.

We operate under a horizontal house system for our two Year 7 boarding houses. Within these houses there are senior students who are selected for their ability to mentor the younger boarders as they navigate their first year away from home. Our other houses accommodate students from Years 8 to 12. This structure allows us to provide for the needs of the younger students in separate Houses. In turn, this facilitates a feeling of family, with students of all ages living together. They become surrogate brothers and sisters during their time at school. Our boy boarders live at the Wolaroi site, whilst our girl boarders live approximately four kilometres across town on the PLC site. Buses are in operation between the boarding sites each day, enabling our students to participate in an extensive co-curricular program before and after school each day and on weekends.

Boarding at KWS is overseen by our Director of Boarding, Mr Matt Curran who reports directly to the Principal.

There are eight boarding houses, each with a Head of House who reports directly to the Director of Boarding. Each house has a House Mother and three to four Resident Assistants. Most houses also have an Assistant House Parent.

Under the guidance of the Principal, the Director of Boarding and his staff formulate the policy of the Boarding School. The Director of Boarding is a member of the Senior Management Team.

Each Boarding House has one or two parent representatives on the Boarding Parents’ Committee. The Boarding Parents’ Committee meets twice a year to discuss a range of issues of particular interest to our boarding community, enabling parents to be involved in the organisation of developments within the boarding school. Any new policy implemented by the boarding staff and/or parents however, must be in line with the general school policy.



Across both the boys Wolaroi and girls PLC boarding sites, boarders have the following facilities available to them:

  • Secure accommodation.
  • Dormitory, double or single room.
  • Common room in each boarding house, with kitchen facilities, TV, DVD, Foxtel, Netflix etc.
  • Individual study spaces.
  • Access to Wi-Fi.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • 50 acres of beautiful grounds.
  • Tennis Courts.
  • Barbeque facilities.
  • Recreation Centres.
  • Library on Wolaroi Site, open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Onsite 24/7 Medical Centre staffed by fully qualified and experienced nursing sisters.



The School employs several qualified chefs to prepare meals for our boarding students at both the Wolaroi and PLC sites. The catering team provide fresh, seasonal and nutritionally balanced meals to students and cater for a variety of dietary requirements.

The latest Boarding Menu can be found below:
Boarding Menu - Term 1, 2019

Adjusting to Boarding

Adjusting To Boarding

With many of our boarders coming from regional communities across NSW, Kinross Wolaroi School offers an Orientation Boarders Sleepover Program to assist new boarders and their families adjust to life at KWS. Students are able to participate in special activities, meet other students and sleepover in their allocated boarding house while parents are able to attend a number of information seminars and meet other parents as they are introduced to key aspects of boarding life.

The Orientation Boarders Sleepover takes place in Term 4 before the new-year begins.



Boarders have both compulsory and non-compulsory activities.

Compulsory activities include:

  • Attendance at school each day
  • Attendance at sport (unless except)
  • Attendance at Cadets (from semester 2, Year 7 until end semester 1, Year 9)
  • Attendance at School Church services
  • Attendance at Boarders’ Church services if in residence
  • Attentional at prep
  • Attendance at meals and eating at meals
  • Attendance at all activities indicated as compulsory on the Weekend Sheet.

Non-compulsory activities include:

  • Activities organised within the house.
  • Activities organised on each individual boarding site.
  • Activities organised across both sites.
  • Examples of the above include movies, ten-pin bowling and picnic and twilight sport.

A week by week Schedule of the boarding activities in Term 2 2018 can be found here:

Term 2 2019 Boarding Activities

Academic Support

Academic Support

‘Prep’ has two meanings within the School; it can refer to the Primary and Infants section of our school – the ‘Prep’ or ‘Preparatory School’. However, when used in a secondary and, more especially, the boarding context, ‘Prep’ means ‘Homework’.

Prep is set by the day school teachers. From Mondays until Thursdays inclusive there is a formal prep time each evening. This set time does vary from site to site, however generally boarders are supposed to be studying from 6:45pm until 8:45pm.

The Heads of Houses are expected to maintain a constant overview of their boarders with assistance provided by other members of staff. The junior boarders (Years 7-9) do their prep in a central location while senior boarders (Years 10-12) do Prep in their rooms.