Chapel services take place every fortnight for all students, run within Day House groups by the Chaplain.

Christian Youth Group

Club 3:16 is the School’s Christian Fellowship Group which meets every Friday lunch. All are welcome and we encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about God, or who is simply keen to meet up with others for mutual encouragement. In what is often a tough time for teenagers in a world with mixed messages, getting together to seek God’s wisdom and love is not a bad place to be. All students from Years 7 to 12 are invited to participate in the fellowship group. Informal discussions are held around faith and life in the context of the busy school environment.

The group is designed to give students a ‘time-out’ space to get together in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. The group enjoys light refreshments, bible discussion and question time. The main aim is to read a passage and allow students to ask “What does this tell us about God/Jesus?” What does it tell us about ourselves?” and “What does it tell us about how to live?”

In our busy lives it is good to take a break and meet with other Christians to discuss school pressures and ways to combat these through our personal faith and by encouraging one another.

We meet on Friday lunch times in Room 23.


Boarders attend St John’s Uniting Church services in town twice a term on Sunday and individual expressions of faith are encouraged. Day students and their families are welcome to attend. Please refer to the School Calendar for dates.