At Kinross Wolaroi School our co-curricular activities are a cornerstone of the School's philosophy. Our outstanding facilities and grounds provide a wonderful playground for the extensive array of co-curricular activities available to all students. 

The School strives to educate all students academically, spiritually, physically, culturally, socially and personally. An important element is the provision of the widest possible range of activities outside the classroom. 

The co-curricular program is seen as a valuable addition to each student's all-round education. All students participate in sport, cadets or music. Students may choose to participate in other activities from the many programs operating within the school. 

Co-curricular activities at Kinross Wolaroi School are a significant part of what makes the School come to life.

The co-curricular program offered is both diverse and engaging. It is designed to ensure participation in properly directed activities such as music, drama, sport, community services and adventure training, so that  each student's life can be enriched.