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Welcome to Gowrie NSW Kinross Wolaroi

Kinross Wolaroi School is proud to partner with Gowrie NSW to provide an outstanding care program for its students outside school hours.

Gowrie NSW is committed to excellence and strives to make a lasting impact on children’s lives. The organisation has a long tradition of providing high quality play-based education and care for children and their families. 80 years on from the opening of one of Australia’s first early childhood centres, Gowrie NSW remains a trusted leader in early childhood education.

At Gowrie NSW your child will find an engaging, educational and developmental play-based learning experience. This will help your child to learn and grow, while having the time of their lives.

Gowrie NSW offers before and after school care as well as vacation care programs. Your child will benefit from 80 years of experience and dedication to empower and support children and families through the guidance of world-class educators.

Commitment to Safety

Gowrie's first priority is the health and safety of all children, staff and families. With this in mind they have a number of procedures in place at all locations, including; head counts, walkie talkies, no show fee, mandatory training for all educators and quality care.

Engaging Program

Gowrie provide a fun and engaging program which is age appropriate and varied. Their programs use the ‘My Time, Our Place’ curriculum framework which is built around children’s social and emotional development.

This is further supported by the ‘Program Foundations’ which is a pedagogical guide for practice created by Gowrie NSW in conjunction with leading early and middle childhood professionals from the sector.

Nutritious Food

Explorers and adventurers need to keep their minds and bodies fuelled and growing. Gowrie NSW offer a healthy, nutritious afternoon tea to keep your child focused on discovery. The menu is aligned with the Australian Healthy Eating and Dietary Guidelines which are reviewed by a nutritionist.

Key Information and Fees 



Fee before CCS

Fees after CCS could be as little as*

Before School Care

6:30am – 8:30am



After School Care 2 hours

3pm – 5:00pm



After School Care 2+ hours

3pm – 6:30pm



*  based on a family with 85% childcare subsidy (CCS).

Casual booking

$5 a session

Late Pick Up – if you arrive after the session closes

$30 / 30mins

No show fee – If the account holder does not notify the program their child will not attend. This is part of our safety procedures



Enrolment enquiries and bookings

Choose a program and complete the online form pack.

1. Go to the website, and download the enrolment pack

2. Complete the enrolment pack and also attach:

a. Child's Immunisation History Statement from Medicare (can also be accessed through MyGov)

b. Birth certificate

3. Please email this pack to Enrolments@Gowriensw.com.au and the team will reach out confirm your enrolment and offer you any additional information you may need.

4.  You will need to log into MyGov and confirm the enrolment notification for Gowrie NSW Kinross. If you do not confirm this, the childcare subsidy will not apply and full fees for the sessions booked will be charged.

For more information call 0427 490 914.

Keeping you connected

Gowrie uses Storypark to share updates in real time about what your child is doing and learning throughout the day. We want you to be as much a part of the experience as your child, so you don’t miss a second of the memories they’re creating.

When enrolling your child in any programs please lets us know if they have any medical requirements such as asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis and other medical conditions. You will then be provided with Gowrie's medical management policy and you will complete additional forms to ensure appropriate management your child’s condition in line with the Doctor's recommendations.

Please also notify Gowrie during enrolment if your child has any additional considerations for their care. Gowrie are an inclusive organisation and advocate for the best outcomes for all children, families and educators.

Family and Community Feedback

Gowrie NSW values ongoing communication and sharing of relevant information among educators, families and children. Feedback and suggestions from families on any aspect of the programs are welcome at all times and can be provided in conversation or by email.

A Message from Gowrie

"We are so excited and privileged to be on this journey with your family and to be supporting and caring for the Kinross Wolaroi School community. We cherish the moments of delight that we see and experience every day and look forward to sharing these with you as a Gowrie NSW family. To discover more about Gowrie NSW Kinross Wolaroi please visit our website."


Gowrie NSW Enrolment Form

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