Kinross Wolaroi School is actively committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care to ensure the wellbeing of all our students.

Providing a nurturing and supportive environment is paramount to ensuring our students have the best possible experience during their primary and secondary education.

At Kinross Wolaroi School, wellbeing relates to so much more than mental health and is achieved when a student can develop their potential, build positive relationships, and contribute to their community. It is enhanced by achieving a sense of purpose through the fulfillment of personal and social goals. We recognise that its development does not start on enrolment at Kinross Wolaroi, nor finish upon graduation. Instead, we hope to equip our students with the necessary tools to live a fulfilling life and to meet the challenges of our dynamic world. Central to our approach is the development of positive, respectful relationships. 

At Kinross Wolaroi School, our Wellbeing Team works hard to ensure that this is possible and comprises:

  • School Psychologists
  • Medical Centre Nurses
  • Indigenous Students' Coordinator
  • Head Mentors of Day Houses
  • House Mentors
  • Heads of Boarding 
  • Heads of Boarding Houses and Boarding Staff
  • Chaplain
  • Year 7 Coordinator
  • Senior Years Coordinator (Years 11 & 12)
  • Head of Wellbeing

Junior School Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

We believe that student wellbeing is the single most important facet of Kinross Wolaroi Junior School. Children who are happy at school, who feel safe, secure and have friends, will learn and feel good about themselves. All classroom teachers play an active role in fostering the wellbeing of their students, and are well supported by other staff members and the school psychologist.

Senior School Wellbeing And Pastoral Care

The senior school years can be a stressful time for students as they begin to make decisions for life beyond formal schooling. Staff work together to oversee the ongoing wellbeing of each student with formal procedures in place to help with this.
In 2020, we launched a new Wellbeing framework for the Senior School that is centred upon four key tenets; Self, Leadership, Character and Empathy. These tenets are mapped to our five school values of commitment, resilience, courage, respect and inclusiveness. Each key tenet forms the focus for delivery across each of the four terms and has age and stage appropriate outcomes that are taught, caught, and most importantly sought through daily touch points with mentors. Delivery occurs within a vertical house system, with support from Year Coordinators for Year 7 and for Years 11 and 12.  A whole school Wellbeing Day is scheduled each term to engage students with our Wellbeing curriculum.