Junior School

As the Head of the Junior School, I have no doubt that we successfully develop the whole child in readiness for Senior School. Starting in Pre-Kinder our focus is on play complemented by formal learning. We progressively tweak the balance of curriculum and co-curriculum from Kindergarten through to Year 6 so that we provide the necessary skills, knowledge and values (link) to seamlessly transition your children into Senior School. In 2018 we analysed the School against others in the region and Sydney, and can confidently say that we are well placed to get the best out your child. A summary of our curriculum, co-curriculum, student spirit, wellbeing, community and leadership (links) can be found on these pages and more information is in the Handbook below.

Denise Hayward
Head of Junior School


Kinross Wolaroi School is a proud member of The University of Sydney STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

The STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy aims to provide teachers with knowledge, skills, resources and support to make real change in their classroom teaching. It inspires teachers to pursue their interests in science, mathematics and information technology, and to pass on that inspiration to their students.