Parents and Friends Association

The KWS Parents and Friends Association (P&F) provides an invaluable service to the School. They are a voluntary group which provides a forum for parent discussion, social and educational occasions for parents, fundraising activities, and other support to the school as required. Membership of the P&F is open to all parents and friends of students at the School from Pre-Prep to Year 12.

KWS Weekend

On Saturday 9 March 2019, with the support of both the Alumni and P&F, we are planning our annual celebration of KWS:

Icebreaker Drinks for families of KWS students.

KWS Day and Reunions for alumni who graduated in 1969 with five year increments through to 2014.

For more information, visit the KWS Events page here.

Friend Raising

The focus of P&F is communication and connection, reaching out to all associated with the school to build a friendly and welcoming community – “Friend Raising”. They aim to strengthen the relationship between family, school and the wider community for the benefit of their children’s overall development and learning. The P&F is particularly instrumental in welcoming new parents into the KWS community with morning teas, dinners and gatherings in the pub. This active group of parents are key to the success of Icebreaker Drinks, KWS Day, the popular Spring Soiree and annual parent functions.


Through its numerous fundraising initiatives, the P&F have recently donated furniture to the Prep School, a cover to extend the PLC swimming pool use, high value items such as printers and photography studio equipment for the Art and Textile departments and STEM room, sponsorship and financial support for programs and gardens, canteen equipment and fundraising from the annual KWS Day has also contributed to the performing arts program

Throughout the year they hold events that are not only designed for parents to bring about a greater connection with other members of the school community but that also have the added bonus of raising funds. These funds are used to support our Friend Raising activities and to provide resources and opportunities for enriching the (learning) environment of the School and students.

P&F Meetings

Meetings are held twice a term in the Boardroom, Wolaroi Mansion at 7pm. Teleconferencing is available to allow participation for those unable to attend in person.

Term 1: Weeks 3 & 7 - Wednesday 13 February and Wednesday 13 March
Term 2: Weeks 3 & 7 - Wednesday 15 May and Wednesday 12 June
Term 3: Weeks 3 & 7 - Wednesday 7 August and Wednesday 4 September
Term 4: Weeks 3 & 7 - Wednesday 30 October* and Wednesday 27 November

*The P&F meeting on Wednesday 30 October will be held in the Video Conference Room in the ICT building.

P&F Committee and Contact Information

President | Siobhain Harvey (
Vice Presidents | Alison Karbowiak and Leiarna Dunworth
Secretary | Donna McIntyre (
Treasurer | James Pearce (