Day Student Houses

Senior School

On enrolment at Kinross Wolaroi School, students are allocated to one of eight Tutor Houses. Tutor Houses play a pivotal role in a student’s school life, both day to day and over the course of their time at the School.

Tutor Houses form the basis for student welfare, pastoral care and behaviour management within the school, and issues that may arise should be discussed with a student’s Tutor as the first point of contact for such issues. Each year group is divided into eight Tutor Groups – with an allocated Tutor who will oversee a student’s day-to-day welfare and remain with them as they progress from year to year. Each House has a Head Tutor with an office in the House area, and has student leaders elected by House members.

Additionally, there is a Year 7 Coordinator who assists students with their transition from Primary to Secondary School. There is also a Year 12 Coordinator who assists students with their preparation for the HSC and transition into tertiary study or the world of work.

Each Tutor House has a designated area for students that houses their locker, where school bags and sporting equipment may be stored during the school day. Security locks are provided and students are encouraged to make use of these. Year 7 start the year with lockers in a common locker area (Science Block) together with the Year 7 Coordinator’s office.

During Tutor, students gather in an allocated room with their Tutor to have the roll marked and notices given. Other activities occur at the Tutor’s discretion and may include reading, group discussions, fund-raising and rehearsals. It is also an opportunity for students to speak with their Tutor regarding any concerns they may have. The Student Diary will be checked each week by the Tutor or Head Tutor, and Tutors will discuss behaviour issues with students where necessary.

Students represent their Tutor House at sporting carnivals, House Spectacular, special lunches, manning stalls at the KWS Day and other events. It is via the Tutor House that a student can be allocated citizenship and academic points, and Merit Certificates are awarded at House meetings. A great sense of pride and loyalty is generated within Houses, offering a sense of belonging while encouraging healthy competition.

The Tutor Houses are:

  • Brown House
  • Blackman House
  • Dean House
  • Douglas House
  • Gordon House
  • McLachlan House
  • Richards House
  • Williams House

Preparatory School

All children are assigned to a Tutor House when they begin at Kinross Wolaroi School. House competition is fun, but intense, with points being awarded not only at major sports carnivals, but for class work, House certificates and school activities as well.

The Houses in the Preparatory School are: Brown, Gordon, Douglas and McLachlan.