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A message from the Principal

It is my great pleasure to share with you the wonderful achievements of our Kinross Wolaroi HSC students.

I warmly congratulate the Class of 2023 on their exemplary HSC results as well as on their substantial achievements throughout their time at Kinross Wolaroi School. We are exceptionally proud of our graduates and the fine young adults they have become.

The student profiles in this document not only focus on each student’s final results but on the full range of what was achieved during their school life. It is common to find that our most successful students are those who are most extensively involved in leadership and co-curricular opportunities, and this is a great example for our current students to emulate.

At Kinross Wolaroi we design learning experiences to foster authenticity, adaptability, empathy, collaboration, creativity and independence in our graduates. Kinross Wolaroi School immerses students in a diverse and expansive academic and co-curricular program that fosters a growth mindset, builds resilience and grounds them with a strong sense of self. Our unique opportunities empower students to define what success is to them, so that they are well-rounded and ready to thrive in life, work and study beyond their school years.

There is a real generosity of spirit at our school. Our staff are more than teachers: they are mentors, coaches and role models; the quality of our results is a direct reflection of their commitment and professionalism.

An education at Kinross Wolaroi School is about the development of the whole student. We believe we equip our students to approach life with confidence, able to pursue their aspirations and contribute positively to their communities. Ambition and excellence matter, and every student should have the opportunity to discover their potential – to be the best they can be.

I congratulate our students for their dedication and desire for success, our staff for their ability to guide and motivate, and our parents for their wonderful support of both students and our school.

Dr Andrew Parry
Principal – Kinross Wolaroi School


HSC achievements 2023

Congratulations to the Kinross Wolaroi Class of 2023 on their outstanding HSC results. Read more below.



2023 major works catalogue

The 2023 Major Works Catalogue is a celebration of the achievements of the Class of 2023 across a range of subjects including Visual Arts, Textiles and Design, Industrial Technology, Design and Technology, and Software Design and Development.